Simple and Free/Low Cost Image Editors

At VersaAgency, we know that great imagery is an important part of an online storefront. A picture speaks a thousand words, and presenting professional imagery increases customer trust to create conversion! We also know that it’s difficult to edit the imagery to look more professional.

This is why we’ve created a list of picture editors that are free or relatively cheap and easy to use! Click the title to check out each image editor. All of these softwares have been tested by us or recommended to us by clients. Keep reading to simplify your picture editing process!


This online photo editor is free and easy to use. It has many tools to edit brightness, color, and image size. It also comes with a variety of templates and presets for different kinds of social media, making it quick and easy for you to convert your imagery into content for use on different platforms.


Quickly and easily edit pictures in batch! This software retails for $50-60, and you can use it to edit many pictures at once, saving you time for your business.


This free software has several different modes for you to edit your picture as you need. It also allows you to batch edit your pictures. Best of all, it’s free!


This $50 software makes it really easy to remove objects you don’t want from a picture and to remove the background from the image. You can use its lasso tool to almost auto-select the image or the brush tool if you want more control and refinement. The Auto Select button is easiest to use but may not select the image you want.

This software has other standard editing features as well (cropping, brightness adjustment, etc). Another feature of this software is the ability to EASILY paste one image over another! When you’re making graphic banners for your website, this can be really useful.

This list is not comprehensive, but we hope it provides you with a place to start as you continue to enhance the professional look and feel of your website. The imagery you place on your website affects the user experience and a first time visitor’s impression of your brand. Using these editors will help you enhance the look and feel of the images that create your user experience.