Luca Mariano

Mobile First Solution

Luca Mariano, a distillery founded by Francesco S. Viola, wanted to redesign their website to align better with their brand, offer unique functionality, and be more responsive for the mobile marketplace.


  • Market and competitor analysis
  • Customer Persona


  • Task/User Flow
  • Micro Interactivity
  • Wireframes


  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity
  • High Fidelity Mockups


  • Brand Integration
  • Responsive Web Design

Our new design makes navigation enjoyable for the users so that making a purchase or searching for a store become less of an inconvenience

Simple store search

We built a custom map interface with accessibility features that allows users to find stores near their location or in a destination of choice.

Enhanced Brand Experience

We enhanced the font choice to better match the logo. This subtle but significant change transformed the look and feel of the entire website to deliver a better brand aura.

We enriched the look and feel of the website with animations arranged appropriately throughout, giving the storefront a modern touch that accentuated the brand experience.

Clickless Search

We designed software that allows for users to type and search for drinks in real time