Purity Health Center

The Purity Advantage

Purity Health Center came to Versa Agency because they wanted to bring a new kind of weight-loss program to the market. They required guidance with web design and clarity on their target market.

The Problem

Margarita, the founder of PHC, didn't want her brand to be about fitness when it comes to helping her clients lose weight. She wanted the market to be aware that you don’t need to exercise to get the desired body you want. It was important to distinguish her brand as one that is not about exercising but strictly about placing the proper foods in the client's diet.

"Over ⅔ of the overweight population in the U.S. have tried to lose weight but eventually gave up due to the demands of traditional weight loss programs."

The Solution

Finding the best viable solution

We created a design that was very simple and effectively communicated what the program is about to drive seamless signups and sales. We continue to work with her on marketing strategy.


  • Market and competitor analysis
  • Customer Persona


  • Task/User Flow
  • Mircro Interactivity
  • Wireframes


  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity
  • High Fidelity Mockups